Health is not about perfection; it is all about progression.  Making one high-quality choice at a time and building on your daily momentum to achieve life-long health and happiness.   Our society presses us to be quick about everything; 30-second commercials, limited-time offers, pills and cleanses to lose the pounds fast.  We’re called to be quick and efficient in all that we do, but when it comes to our health we must slow down and be steady.   

Transform means to change in form, appearance, structure or in condition, nature or character.  This is such a powerful group of words; for us to achieve health we must change our current habit structure, shift the years of conditioning we’ve learned, nurture our unique nature and know that the challenges we face along the way help transform our character.  And a bonus to all of it is that our appearance will automatically transform because of all this change that takes place; it’s inevitable.   

There’s a rule I ask all my clients to follow and that is “above all else, be kind and true to YOU.”  With our fast-paced lives, our need to please, and our want for a quick fix it can be difficult to patiently transform.  We dive in, go all out and then lose patience, get mad at ourselves, feel guilty, and sabotage all the work we’ve put in.  These behaviors do not serve us in any positive way and yet they are so common.     

What can you do today to start your personal transformation in a positive, patient way?  Here are a few ideas you can choose from to get started: 

1. Drink 80 oz of water; every process in your body needs it.

2. Eat 2 cups of leafy greens every day. 

3. Eat 4 cups of vegetables every day. 

4. Eat 1-2 servings of healthy fat every day. 

5. Eat clean, organic sources of protein every day.   

6. Never skip a meal; get your 3 squares in daily.   

7. Turn off the technology. 

8. Sit, talk and laugh with the ones you love. 

9. Read something that inspires you to live in a better way. 

10. Move daily; lift weights, go to yoga, or dance the night away. 

11. Thank someone for their kindness. 

12. Enjoy a hot cup of herbal tea. 

13. Stop eating 2 hours before bed. 

14. Shut the TV and computer off 2 hours before bed. 

15. Take an Epsom salt and lavender bath. 

16. Get 8 hours of sleep each night. 

17. Rise early and enjoy time for prayer, meditation and intention. 

18. Offer yourself forgiveness & release any guilt you might feel. 

19. Write down 10 things your grateful for every morning and night. 

20. Show up in your best manner & release the need to please others.   

Try to employ a few of these of these tactics in your daily life this week to jumpstart your health and wellness transformation!


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