Not Everyone Will Understand & That’s Okay

Not Everyone Will Understand & That’s Okay

Not Everyone Will Understand & That’s Okay


A lot of excitement had built up to the day I received the lab results from food allergy testing.  I was desperate to heal my sick body and I knew that if I honored my new dietary guidelines, I’d soon find myself feeling better.  The long document arrived via email and as I opened it, my stomach started knotting up. Not one, or two or three allergies, but they found nearly 100 foods that were contributing to my ailing body.  The overwhelm of dealing with sickness for two long years was now compounded by the fact that most of what I was eating on a daily basis was working against my health. How would I eat? What would I eat?  What would others now think of the way I eat??? My mind flooded with a lot of thoughts. I pretty much felt like my days as I knew them were over.  


Many others feel this way too; for the past 9 years we’ve helped clients shift this feeling of overwhelm into feeling capable, strong and ready.  We focus on all the foods they can have and they soon experience weight loss, decreased headaches and joint pain, increased energy and more.  Food is amazing fuel for the body, except when it isn’t. This was definitely the case for me and I had to structure my daily food intake differently.  


Anytime we make a shift, such as this, there will always be people questioning, and providing counsel even when not invited to do so.  After receiving the news of my food allergies, I learned to cook in a whole new way, we overhauled the pantry, fridge and freezer and started on a new path of healthy eating.  The problem was that not everyone understood or agreed with all the shifts we were making. And that was okay, all be it difficult to receive sometimes, it was okay. They needed to process things just as much as we did.  One thing that may be helpful to you if you find yourself in this space of change, is to remember that you are on your journey, and everyone else is on theirs. I still have people push food and drink on me because they feel like it’s a ding against them that I haven’t taken part.  The shifts we make are not about anyone else, but rather about the health and happiness of our own selves. Keep this focus, offer others grace, come up with a funny one-liner to use in the moment, and stick to what serves you well. One of my favorite one-liners when someone wants me to drink wine is “Hey, I love wine, it just doesn’t love me.”  Use this anytime you’d like, and update to suit your own situation.  


Those who know me well would tell you I’m always up for fun and adventure.  But as the sign above says, I might have been born to be wild, but only until 9 p.m.  Healing the body and turning ill symptoms back into strong health all take time and conscious effort.   I will continue to honor my dietary needs, I’ll party until I know my body needs good rest (I’m typically asleep by 10), and I’ll honor the healthy boundaries I’ve set for myself because it means I’ll be able to live well.  I’ll feel good and continue to be active and adventurous until the day I take my last breath.  


Be confident in what serves you well.  Create a welcoming environment for all.  And know that it’s okay if not everyone agrees or understands.  My guess is that over time, they’ll see the fruits of your labor and start to make healthy shifts too.  


Here’s to partying ‘til 9!




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