Your Third Challenge: Put That Spring In Your Step!

Your Third Challenge: Put That Spring In Your Step!

Congratulations on your last two weeks of progress and starting on Mini Movements #1 and #2! How have you been doing with your water intake and incorporating leafy greens each day?

This is the final section of our three-part series that’s been all about Mini Movements!  Remember, the idea behind Mini Movements is that they build upon each other; this week, as you start on Mini Movement #3, you’re going to continue with your 80oz of water per day and leafy greens, but you’ll start adding the third habit!

Mini Movement #3: For the next week, schedule two 10-minute breaks in the day for quick exercise!

Need a few creative ways to take advantage of a quick 10 minute break? Here are a few of our favorites!

• Get your heart rate up by climbing stairs
• Grab an office mate and speed walk outside for 10 minutes
• Stand up from your desk and do three circuits of squats, push-ups & planks.
The ideas are endless, the most important part is to just do it!  It’s only ten minutes – you can squeeze it in any time. Enjoy the spark of energy you experience afterwards that will carry you through the rest of the day!


Don’t Stop Now! Keep the Momentum Going!

Hopefully you’re seeing now that focusing on even just one small habit at a time has the power to push you forward in your health journey.
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