One Person Can Make All the Difference

One Person Can Make All the Difference

We’re nearing the “half-way” mark of 2020 and, like me, you’re probably thinking that it couldn’t even be possible that we’re almost half the way through the year!  But it is.  And here’s why this message today is so important.  

December 31st will arrive before we know it, and if we’re not mindful about our choices, we’ll be sitting in the same state then as we are today.

For four months now, we’ve been navigating our way through a pandemic.  We understand what isolation feels like.  We know how important it is to surround ourselves with people and we long for it when we can’t.  We’ve realized things about ourselves that maybe we couldn’t when we were racing from place to place.  We’ve learned, grown and stretched ourselves in challenging new ways.  

We’ve witnessed brutality, and unimaginable death too many times.  We’ve mourned for families we’ve never met.  We demand change as we explore ways to support and love every member of our community.  

We face furloughs, reduction in force, layoffs and termination.  We’ve seen businesses we love have to close their doors.  We feel fear about the unknown and navigate the best we can.

Sometimes it’s all overwhelming and we’re not sure we’ll find our way.  

But we will.   

It is a complete understatement to say that a lot has happened in the first half of the year.  But a lot has happened.  And the honest truth is that a lot is likely to keep happening.  The one thing I know to be constant and true is that we have a choice in every matter.  We have a choice how we show up and participate in every situation.  And EVERY choice we make matters.  

Every choice matters when it comes to our health.

Every choice matters when it comes to our happiness.

Every choice matters when it comes to loving another human being.

Every choice matters when it comes to creating change.

Every choice matters when it comes to providing for our families.  

Every choice matters when it comes to positivity, peace and gratitude.. 

Every choice matters when it comes to taking care of ourselves so we can care for others.  

So my question for you is, how will you choose to show up every moment going forward?  

Are there shifts you can make for your health and happiness?  Are there conversations you can have to support the change you wish to see?  Is there more you can do to create peace and practice gratitude? 

A mentor and friend of mine, Mark LeBlanc, always says “no change = no change”.  If you desire something more for yourself, your loved ones and your community, it will take conscious choice and effort to get there.  

Write down your thoughts and goals as you close the first half of the year, and enter the last.  Use this time to make a difference and when December 31st comes, you can look back and smile knowing you’ve participated in a powerful way.  You don’t need to overhaul everything, just start with one high-quality choice and build from there.  

Every choice matters.  And one person can make all the difference.  Be the ONE.  

It’s always an honor and joy to serve and support you in health and happiness.  I’d love to hear from you; feel free to connect with me:

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