Boost Your Immunity

Boost Your Immunity

Now, more than ever, we need to care well for ourselves!  These quick tips will help you boost your immune system, enhance energy and increase health for you and your family.

Read. Enjoy.  Practice Often.

  • REST:  We all need 8 hours of sound sleep.
    • Shut the technology and TV off.
    • Rest and relax with an Epsom salt bath.
    • Practice deep breathing
    • Express gratitude for 5-10 things
    • Lay down and sleep well.
  • DRINK:  Stay well hydrated!
    • Hot green or white tea = high antioxidants, drink 2 cups per day
    • Drink 80 oz water per day
    • In the evening, drink hot baking soda/lemon water:
      • Mix ½ tsp baking soda and juice of ¼ – ½ of a lemon with 8 oz of hot water, drink.
  • MOVE:  Movement reduces stress, and builds your immune system.
    • Get up and move for 5-10  minutes every 40-60 minutes.
    • Enjoy a brisk walk, run up/down stairs, do push-ups, jumping jacks, & sit-ups.
    • Go for family walks in the evening.
    • Enjoy an online yoga class.
    • Stretch.
  • EAT:  Colorful plant-based foods will boost your immune system and provide antioxidants
    • Incorporate 2 cups of leafy greens & 4 cups of vegetables into your daily diet.
    • Immune-boosting superfoods:
      • Bone/vegetable broth
      • Garlic
      • Mushrooms
      • Lemons, oranges, limes
      • Ginger
      • Sweet potatoes
      • Manuka honey
      • Raw cacao
      • Cayenne pepper
      • Apple cider vinegar
  • STAY CALM:  Don’t let today’s joy be overtaken by worry!
    • Take deep breaths all day long.
    • Get fresh air.
    • Call a friend.
    • Laugh A LOT!
    • Pray, meditate, and practice gratitude.
    • Offer grace, love and kindness to self and others.
    • Believe in all possibility that exists


We are all in these trying and changing times together. I’ve scheduled a FREE 4-part virtual series with more tips and ways to combat stress four Wednesday’s in April at 9:00 am for 30 minutes. I’d love to see you there.

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It’s always an honor and joy to serve and support you in health and happiness.  I’d love to hear from you; feel free to connect with me:

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