Our Best Tips For Dining Out & Staying Healthy!

Our Best Tips For Dining Out & Staying Healthy!

I’ve been traveling this week and was recently reminded how important it is to advocate for yourself, particularly when you find yourself away from home.  Yesterday, I unfortunately grabbed a pre-packaged salad on the run while I was in the airport, only to realize once I was on the plane that the lettuce was a few days old and all brown – yuck! Today I’m traveling from Kentucky to Texas for my second speaking engagement this week and during a quick layover I asked if a restaurant could make a salad FRESH for me. I added a side of rotisserie chicken to pair together and it turned out to be a nice lunch! With very little added effort, I was able to find a nourishing meal that was still quick and easy to eat on the go!

Whether you find yourself in an airport across the country or up the street for a quick lunch out, don’t be afraid to make the menu work for you and whatever your health needs may be. Ask a restaurant to prepare something fresh or put together something that’s not on the menu with ingredients you that you know they already have. You are your own best advocate, and it is possible to make choices that serve you, wherever you may be. Enjoy the video below for some tips on dining out!

Learn to Manage The Menu in the video below!

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