5 Ways To Create a Healthy Workplace

5 Ways To Create a Healthy Workplace

If one of your goals is to become a healthier organization, it’s very important that you create an environment that supports this outcome.  It’s impossible to create change without making a change. Health goals aren’t as achievable when the break room is filled with sugary treats. People will never get away from their desks if they don’t feel they have true permission to do so.  Water bottles will remain empty unless fill stations are easily accessible.

Creating a culture of health can start with small, practical changes that will help your team advocate for themselves and make choices that benefit their health. Read on below for 5 practical ways you can help create a healthier organization!

Here are 5 ways to make your workplace more conducive to health:

• Provide water fill stations in break areas and include fruit/herb-infused options.  Post signs reminding the team to get 80 oz of water a day, which equates to 10 ounces every hour in an 8-hour workday.  This is an easy way to increase health in the workplace since every process in the body depends on adequate hydration!

• Purge your break room pantry.  This may seem a daunting task, but you can take it one step at a time.  Upgrade the quality of your offerings by selecting pre-packaged goods with 5 or less ingredients.  Make sure that you can read, pronounce and understand every ingredient.  This will reduce fillers, preservatives and toxins and will foster healing and prevention from disease.  

• Advocate for movement.  This shift will take time, but ideally you want your team get up from their desks once every hour for 5 minutes of activity.  Share desk exercises, simple movements they can do in their cubicle and get the team on board to do some of this together!  This low-cost option can provide incredible benefit; send reminders, assign team leaders to take the charge, and start making it part of your corporate culture to do so.  

• Change up your meetings.  Simple changes can make a world of difference in focus, energy and productivity. Encourage walking meetings outdoors for fresh air, new perspective and movement.  Include high-top tables in your meeting space to encourage standing for some/all of the meeting.   Take movement breaks every hour; incorporate arm circles, squats, planks, wall push-ups and more.  This will clear the mind and increase energy for great productivity.  

• Be mindful of time.  Is your team in communication overload?  Create and communicate healthy boundaries around emails, requests and meetings; every communication should meet specific criteria and help achieve an end goal. Trim where needed so teams can be most productive during work hours and be present with family in the evenings. This increases fulfillment and happiness in the workplace. 

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