Your Challenge: Add Eight Each Day!

Your Challenge: Add Eight Each Day!

Mini Movements are practical activities or habits that build on one another and create long-term change.  Mini Movements are manageable for busy organizations, they offer a variety of activities that will appeal to various groups and help keep momentum going.

The great thing about the concept of Mini Movements is that whether you’re part of a large corporation or you’re an individual, a mini Movement is an incredibly effective way to create life-long habits for health. The important thing is to remember is that Mini Movements build on each other; we don’t complete one Mini Movement and then move on to the next, but rather continue with the practices of the first as we begin the next one. By the end of the year, you’ll be  incorporating several new healthy habits into your day!

In this three-part series, we’ll be sharing three important and effective Mini Movements. Although they may seem small, these actions act as a catalyst for helping createother positive change in your life; If you’ve made one healthy choice (no matter how small!) you’ll be more motivated to make another healthy choice. Over time, these healthy choices add up and before you know it, you’ll be making major progress towards your health goals!

Mini Movement #1:  For the next two weeks, add 8 oz of water to your daily intake until you reach the goal of consuming 80 oz per day.  Once you get to 80 oz, maintain this level of hydration!  Every process in the body depends on water; it needs to be a top priority. Water can help boost your metabolism and it cleanses your body of waste. You’ll feel energized and clear in thought all day long.  And don’t worry, once you get through the first week or so of extra bathroom breaks, your body will adjust, and you’ll be back to your regularly scheduled pit stops.

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