It’s time To Say Goodbye To Good & Bad

It’s time To Say Goodbye To Good & Bad

There are two words I often hear in my coaching. They are used when a client is describing how well he or she managed to incorporate the food strategies I’ve shared with them. It usually goes something like this: “Angela, I was so good for 5 days straight and then I just completely fell off track; we went to a party and I was so bad all weekend long!” Their expression often looks strained, ashamed, and embarrassed. But why? Why all the fuss about being good or bad? It’s not a healthy way to live and only puts strain on your relationship with your body and food.

It’s time to shift our mindset from guilt, restriction and shame to freedom and power. We each have the power to choose; and we also have the freedom to do so without guilt. Here’s how you can make the shift happen.

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