What Are You Attracting?

What Are You Attracting?


The law of attraction is the name given to the belief that “like attracts like”.  By focusing on positive thoughts, you bring about positive results, by focusing on negative thoughts you bring about negative results.

 “Whatever we plant in our subconscious mind and nourish with repetition and emotion will

one day become reality.”  – Earl Nightingale

What beliefs and thoughts are planted in your subconscious mind and how are they serving you today?  I’d like you to celebrate a love that you probably haven’t celebrated before: Self-Love!

When we love “all” of our self, not just the good parts, but the parts of ourselves that are impatient, judgmental or harsh, we lovingly accept who we are.  We become aware of our thoughts and the beliefs that may be residing in our mind.  When this occurs, we can choose to change our thought patterns, choose love and choose happiness.

Most people criticize themselves hundreds of times a day.  It often begins as a morning ritual.  Thoughts like “I look awful in this outfit”, “I am fat”, “How could anyone love me?”, “I wish I were thinner, stronger, happier, healthier, a better parent, a better spouse…” and on and on.  These negative messages feed us negative results; these words feed guilt, sadness, feelings of unworthiness and more.  We lose our ability to love ourselves, and when we can no longer love ourselves, it becomes challenging for others to do so as well.  We attract whatever we fuel our minds with.  If you’re down on yourself, unhappy and frustrated, you’ll attract this right into your life.

The beautiful gift that each of us holds is that we have the ability to change these patterns and create a positive, loving relationship with our self.

So today, shut down the negative thoughts that play like a broken record in your mind.  Acknowledge that they’re there by saying (mentally or aloud) “I hear you, but you no longer serve me.”  Then, replace the negative thought with a positive one.  The positive thought must be an affirmation, as if it is something you have already achieved: “I am strong.”  “I am beautiful.” “I am capable.”  “I am worthy.”  “I am healthy.”

Nourish your mind with positive thoughts and positive emotions.  You hold the key to your health and happiness.  It takes time; your subconscious mind has been programmed for many years, beginning in childhood.  Know that it’s worth it, you are worth the effort and once you choose to love yourself fully, doors will open and you’ll be amazed at all this world has to offer you.

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