Angela Was Featured On RhondaNP Podcast – Mindful Eating!

Angela Was Featured On RhondaNP Podcast – Mindful Eating!

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Mindful eating is more than just thinking carefully about what you put inside your body. Eating sustains life, provides comfort and in 460 BC, Hippocrates taught “let food by thy medicine and medicine by they food.”

So, when did we get so off-track?

Overeating, feeling guilty about what we eat, and being frustrated and confused about the latest diet crazes complicates something that should be so simple. Top it off with frustration about unanticipated weight gain around the middle during menopause and it’s enough to make you dive head first into a tempting and delicious half gallon of Ben and Jerry’s.

But, STOP!

Before you think all hope is lost, check out the RhondaNP Podcast where I share some ideas to help frame the simple steps necessary for mindful eating. The episode is packed with valuable information and a surprisingly refreshing mindset around mindful eating, during the holidays and beyond. You can also click here to learn more about Rhonda, NP and the wonderful work she does with women!

Listen to the Podcast Here!

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