Health is All About Alignment of Choice!

Health is All About Alignment of Choice!

There’s one common limiting factor that has affected every single client I’ve worked with for the past 10 years.  Each client has desired better quality of health, some seeking increased energy, others wanting to decrease pain in the body, many needing better sleep, and more and more who want to decrease the anxiety they’re experiencing; the list of desires is long.  In every case, they’ve tried different things to help their health, but were never able to make the long-term change they wanted.  This one common limiting factor held them back from creating a life of health, resilience and happiness and maybe it’s affecting you too!


This one common limiting factor is what I call “the gap”.  The gap is the space between your desired life, and the one you currently live; the health and happiness you may be lacking today, and that which you desire.  This gap exists because we rarely take the time to assess our daily choices and understand the true shift that needs to be made in order to live the life we desire.  When our choices are out of alignment and are working against our desired outcome, the journey will be a long, constant battle.  We help you close the gap and create lifelong change.


      1. Beyond assessing and understanding the shift that needs to be made is the action necessary to create change.  This necessary step can also be a challenge; we’re all keeping up with the busyness of life and allow ourselves to fall to the bottom of the list.  If this is where you are today, I want to offer a few quick steps to assess, take action and create a lifelong shift to achieve your desired health and happiness.
      2. Identify one area in life where your habits are currently working against your desired outcome.  For instance, maybe you desire better sleep but you work late into the night and then expect your body to transition directly into rest.  Or you want to lose weight but find yourself snacking all night long.  Maybe it’s that you really want to be in better shape but never find the time for exercise.  Identify your sticking point, where your habits currently work against your desired outcome; write this down on a piece of paper.
      3. Next, you’ll select one action step to focus on; we can’t overhaul everything overnight so let’s decide on just one thing.  Once you define the one action step you’ll focus on, you’ll want to set micro goals for yourself.  In the example I mentioned above, where you really want to be in shape but currently aren’t getting any exercise, your one action to focus on might be getting three 30-min exercise sessions in per week.  This is your big goal, so you’ll need to set 2-3 micro goals in order to accomplish the task of achieving your exercise sessions.  These could include:
            1. Wake up 40 min earlier on Monday, Wednesday and Friday for exercise.
            2. Map out a weekly exercise plan to complete during each session.
            3. Find an accountability partner so each of us can report into one another in a positive, supportive way.
      4. You can build on this new habit when it feels comfortable to do so, extending the days of exercise, or adding in food goals, etc.  Remember that even when you build, you’ll want to have one focused action, and create micro goals for yourself.  Developing new habits is different for everyone and typically takes about three months before it starts feeling like a natural part of your day.  I share this to encourage you to stick with it, and soon enough it’ll feel like second nature!


Last but never least, please be kind to yourself through the process.  Health is not about perfection, it’s all about progression.  There’ll be days when you execute exactly as planned, and others when it doesn’t go as well as you had hoped.  I ask that you take a moment to reflect on the action you took, and consider how your action helped close the gap between life today, and the life you desire.  Offer yourself grace, shift your choices accordingly, and do your best everyday to close the gap and live well.


We serve a community of amazing people through our Healthy Roots ONE individual membership, corporate wellness offerings and one-on-one coaching.  Please reach out if you’d like support in your journey to healthy, vibrant living; we’re here to be a valuable resource.  You can learn more and access complimentary resources at

It’s always an honor and joy to serve and support you in health and happiness.  I’d love to hear from you; feel free to connect with me:


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