Isn’t This What Everyone Wants?

Isn’t This What Everyone Wants?


Kristie, a high-level executive and member of our Healthy Roots ONE membership came to me last week with wonderful news!  Just like many of us, Kristie has the goal of decreasing her sugar intake, and making healthier choices with food.  She shared that she’s never been able to cut the sugar out before describing what a challenge it has been.  In our conversation, she shared that not only has she been able to decrease her sugar intake, she’s also feeling the benefits of her new habits!  The best news of all though is that the shift has been pretty easy, and she’s not feeling deprived “all because of the way you teach us” she said.  This is what everyone wants!  To create a lifestyle of healthy choices that fuel energetic, productive days ahead.


I’ve gotta say that I feel incredibly blessed to be able to do this work; honestly, I love it so much that it shouldn’t even be called “work”.  This is the exact reason I love it so much.  You see, there’s no greater return for me than to hear another person say their life has improved as the result of our care and guidance.


There are so many people just like Kristie working hard to succeed in their career who desire greater health and happiness.  You, my friend, can have it all!  There’s no need to compromise.


If you, your team or your organization are in need of a boost, or a full program to ignite health, resilience and happiness, we can help you!  We’re here to be a valuable resource and would love to hop on a discovery call to learn more about your needs.


A few ways we can serve include:

  • Onstage + Online Keynote Speech:  Always live and customized!
  • Customized Virtual Wellness Sessions:  Highly engaging, valuable video series to support your team in health and happiness.
  • Healthy Roots Co-op:  Comprehensive, affordable wellness solutions for small to medium sized businesses.
  • Healthy Roots ONE Membership: Igniting health, resilience and happiness worldwide, one member at a time.


With each of these services you’ll gain a new perspective, learn how to make high-quality choices in all areas of life and create new standards to achieve long-term health.


Want to learn more? Let’s Start the Conversation

It’s always an honor and joy to serve and support you in health and happiness.  I’d love to hear from you; feel free to connect with me:


Believe it can be!



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