Overcome the “COVID15” with Three Simple Steps

Overcome the “COVID15” with Three Simple Steps

Quarantini’s, stress-eating, binging on movies & popcorn, and feeding sugar cravings may have gotten you into a bit of a bad situation during quarantine.  It’s time to get your health back on track and today I’m sharing three simple strategies to reverse the cycle and get you there.

First things first though, you’ll need to make a commitment, put a stake in the ground and decide how you’d like to move forward in the days ahead.  Health doesn’t happen by chance, you’ve gotta decide that you’re ready to make progress and then commit to taking action.  Once you make your commitment, know that you just have to focus on making one high-quality decision at a time.  There’s no need to overhaul everything at once, the magic comes with consistency over time.  Let’s dive into the three simple strategies to get your health back on track:


You must make the time and put in the effort to turn your verbal commitment into reality.  This means planning your meals, scheduling your fitness time, removing all the junk food from your home, creating a budget, or crafting a healthy sleep routine.  Whatever the goal, you’ll need to schedule the appropriate time into your calendar to execute and also proactively set yourself up for success.  You cannot set out to lose weight and still have all the junk food in the cupboard or rely on fast-food meals to help you achieve your goals.  Be proactive, take the steps you need to take, and make it happen.


Tracking your progress supports you in achieving your goals.  Choose what speaks to you and compliments your lifestyle; journaling, a vision board, a simple graph or chart, a Fitbit or Jawbone, or an app on your mobile device.  The options are endless.  The most important factor is to find something that works for you.

Along with your tracking, you may opt to share your goal with a family member or friend.  Some individuals share it with everyone by posting their intent on social media and tracking their progress for all to see.  Find what works for you, and have an accountability measure (or two) in place.


This is a marathon, not a sprint.  Take time to celebrate your milestones, as well as the small daily things that help you stay on track and achieve your goal.  We tend to reach one milestone and immediately focus on the next task at hand.  Please pause, recognize the effort you’ve put in, understand the benefit you’ve gained from your actions, feel the difference in your body, mind and spirit, and celebrate!

A celebration doesn’t have to cost a lot of money, or be time-consuming unless you want it to be.  Treat yourself to fresh air on your lunch break, meet a friend for tea,  or go for the gusto and schedule a spa treatment.  It doesn’t matter what you select to do as a celebration, as long as it’s a celebration to you!

We’re here to support and celebrate you!  If you’d love more guidance, or want access to a community of women and men focused on their long-term health and happiness, come join the Healthy Roots ONE Tribe!  Click below to learn more:


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It’s always an honor and joy to serve and support you in health and happiness.  I’d love to hear from you; feel free to connect with me: connect@angelagaffney.com.

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