Gloppy Lymph Nodes (Really!?!) & Why Every Choice Matters

Gloppy Lymph Nodes (Really!?!) & Why Every Choice Matters

I couldn’t believe what the technician said to me after my test…

Health is all about progression; it’s a journey that requires consistent, conscious thought, awareness, and high-quality choice in every area of life.  I believe that food makes a difference in the health of our body, I believe we have a choice in every matter, and also that every choice we make matters!  

When I was told that a rare neuromuscular disease would shut down my organ systems, and take my life, I found myself in a state of hopelessness and despair, and I sat in that space for a long while.  But eventually, I stood up and decided to do something, anything, to help the situation.  I had a choice in how I was going to participate and I wanted to turn my focus to trying to figure out how to live!  

Through the years, my healing journey has included overcoming sugar and diet-coke addiction, and learning how to heal my body with clean, organic food. It didn’t stop there though, because I also had to make better lifestyle choices; I pray and meditate, incorporate movement into the day and consistently practice gratitude.  Every choice we make matters, and these choices have enhanced my life and health in a BIG way.

Here the thing though, we never quite know the extent of the long-term benefit, or in the case of my health years ago, the long-term consequence of our choices until something is brought to our attention, or our body starts exhibiting symptoms. Sometimes it’s news of a test result or exam that provides us additional information. This is the scenario I found myself in a few weeks ago. 

I had gone for my annual mammogram and the nurse called shortly thereafter and said they would need to bring me in for additional testing, the doctor had seen some abnormalities in the images.  So off I went to complete my first ultrasound, and in my mind I really felt like it wasn’t going to be anything to worry about.  Until the doctor said that I had multiple enlarged lymph nodes in my right armpit area and that he would need to see me back in 6 weeks to determine whether they have grown, remained the same in size, or possibly shrunk.  From there, he would decide if a biopsy is necessary. 

Breast cancer and other forms of cancer are prevalent in my family so I’m not going to lie, I was concerned.  I am confident that I’ve done my best to support my body, but there is always more to know and do, and there are external and internal factors we can’t control.  And let’s face it, I’m at higher risk for certain diseases because of the history of my autoimmune disease and neuromuscular disease.

After 6 weeks, I returned for the second ultrasound.  As the technician was gathering the necessary information and images, she had inquired about whether I had been experiencing a cold, or anything out of the ordinary during my last visit that could’ve caused the lymph nodes to be enlarged.  I shared that I hadn’t and then she said “we always like to ask, because if someone is sick, or has an autoimmune disorder, it can impact the lymph nodes.”  

“I have had an autoimmune disorder for 15 years now” I said. 

“Why don’t we have that in your file?” she asked, “it’s nowhere in here”.  “I guess because you all never asked, I would’ve been happy to share” I told her.  She said that this was very good information to have, and then she was off to share her findings with the doctor.  

Something INCREDIBLE happened thereafter.  She returned to the exam room to share that the doctor said the lymph nodes had shrunk, and then she said “neither of us can believe you’ve had an autoimmune disease for 15 years!”  “Do you take medication for it?”  I said no, and went on to share that I care for my health needs with food and high-quality lifestyle choices.  She couldn’t believe it and went on to share that someone who’s had autoimmune for as long as I have typically have large, thick, gloppy lymph nodes and “yours look perfectly normal in this screening” she said.

She was sorry they didn’t have this information in the first place, as it’s likely I wouldn’t have needed to come back in.  However, I was jumping for joy, not only because everything looked okay but it was the FIRST time that a doctor had acknowledged that my efforts were paying off in a BIG way.  I had no idea about what an autoimmune disease can do to your lymph nodes over time, and I’m so grateful the choices I’ve made have supported mine in health.  I am also grateful they called me back, and I now know the long-term benefit my body has experienced as a result of the shifts I’ve made.  

I don’t have gloppy lymph nodes!  And I’m so grateful for it.  But this is only one story of so many.  My clients who’ve reversed fatty liver disease, who’ve gotten their cholesterol numbers in normal range for the first time in years, others who manage their autoimmune disease without medication and some who’ve shed the excess weight they were carrying.  The list goes on and on.  And it all comes down to making simple high-quality shifts over time that turn into lifelong transformation.  I’m so grateful for my health, for this journey, and most of all for the privilege to guide others in health, resilience and happiness.  

It’s always an honor and joy to serve and support you in health and happiness.  I’d love to hear from you; feel free to connect with me:

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