Closing the Gap

Closing the Gap

Health, resilience and happiness, it’s what we all desire but let’s face it, it doesn’t always come easily. Especially today when we’re faced with situations we’ve never experienced before, managing increased demands and riding the emotional roller coaster of isolation.

Now, more than ever, is the time we need to focus and close the gap to live our best life.

This gap I’m speaking of is the gap that exists between how you live life today, and where you’d love to be in the future. It’s easy to set goals. It’s also easy to get lost on the journey to meeting those goals.

There’s talk of gaining the COVID “15”, people are making “essential food runs” for cake and candy bars and speak of pouring their first glass of wine by 2 p.m. There’s no judgement here; these simple observations tell me people are getting lost and they seem to be hanging out there for a bit. This is a slippery slope and when all is said and done, they’ll be sitting in a place of desire and regret.

Don’t get lost for too long!

Even in perfect circumstances, the gap exists. If we’re not constantly learning, growing, attempting, failing, and achieving, we will sit on the other side of the gap forever. Sitting in this place never feels good and when we’re there, we long for something more. More energy, more happiness, more connection, more fulfillment, more health . . . the list goes on and on.

It’s time to participate in a new way, make simple shifts and ignite health, resilience and happiness.

These quick tips will help you close the gap and live your best life:

  1. Have a clear, intentional vision: Let’s find a good balance; there’s no need to learn two new hobbies, clean every closet and become salesperson of the year through quarantine. There is a need, however, to get out of those PJ’s, get dressed in your best, make a healthy meal and participate in a productive way. Have a clear, intentional vision for your day. List your top three priorities, create subtasks for each and schedule these tasks into timeframes in the day. Be sure to include time for self-care, gratitude, prayer/meditation, connection and movement. Make sure your actions are meeting the needs of your vision; if they aren’t serving the vision and purpose you have for your life, they need to be evaluated and upgraded.
  2. Build awareness, listen and respond: Your body is your number one fan. It shows up for you through thick and thin, just as a best friend does for you! The only problem is that we often take this gift of support for granted. In order to achieve health, resilience and happiness we must become aware of the needs of the body. You can do this by getting still and listening often. The body speaks to us; you’ll have a sniffle in the morning, feel fatigued in the afternoon, experience joint pain, headaches and more. Listen intently and then act and respond! We can close the gap and achieve our goals when we’re tuned in to the needs that exist and appropriately respond.
  3. Practice grace and grit: Health is not about perfection, nor is resilience or happiness. It’s all about progression. Offer yourself grace when you’ve made a choice that didn’t serve you so well. Learn from it, decide what you’ll change for the next go-around and move forward. No need to sit in a state of guilt, anger and frustration; this does not serve us in a positive way. Practice grit; be courageous even in times of challenge. See the good, it’s there in every situation, celebrate all the big and small happenings in life, and never give up. Practice this often and enjoy living your best life!
We are all in these trying and changing times together. I’ve scheduled a FREE 4-part virtual series with more tips and ways to combat stress four Wednesday’s in April at 9:00 am for 30 minutes. I’d love to see you there.

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