Grateful for Seasons, Growth and New Beginnings

Grateful for Seasons, Growth and New Beginnings

Grateful for Seasons, Growth and New Beginnings

Grateful for Seasons, Growth and New Beginnings

As a business leader, it is my mission to provide support, grace and guidance to help my team grow, excel and succeed.  When we lift our people up, provide them space to live their passions, and value their contributions, the business flourishes!  This has been the case for the past three years working with my teammate Katie and I couldn’t be prouder of all we’ve accomplished.  

A few weeks ago, Katie and I met for coffee and she shared that she had been presented a unique opportunity, one that would allow her to exercise new skill sets, work in a corporate environment, and better balance the needs of her family.  While I was sad in the immediate moment of receiving the news, I was also excited and delighted for her! As I shared with Katie, people come into our lives for seasons, some can be short and sweet, while others slow and steady. For each season, we can choose to be grateful for the experiences provided.  This is how I feel about the season of our working relationship; Katie is a rockstar and she’s going to make a big splash wherever her professional journey takes her!  

It is my hope that when your loved ones, colleagues, and friends make new choices in their personal and professional lives, you choose to celebrate them and find the gratitude and blessing in it.  One of the key principles I teach and personally live by is that we have a choice in every matter.  The biggest question is always, how will you choose to participate?  Will you choose to celebrate, support and see the gratitude in the situation?  I promise you; it is always there for the taking.  

When one door closes, it often means another is ready to open.  Change is going to be constant in this life, why not open yourself to all possibility that exists?  

This seems an easy task, but we’ve all had times where we’ve thought, “my gosh, why do I need to keep going through the same challenge over and over before I get it through my thick head that something needs to change!?!”  Here’s the secret sauce on this situation; we will go through the same challenge over and over until we are able to see new opportunity, to shift, and walk through the open door with newfound strength and confidence. We all go through it.  The key is to trust in the journey. Trust is HUGE, and necessary to continue moving forward. Trust that you have all you need to shift, grow and excel in any season. Change can feel welcoming, exciting and offer abundant blessings. It’s all in how you choose to participate in it. 

Here’s to seasons, growth and new beginnings!  After weeks of thoughtful interviews and consideration, I’m thrilled to announce that Mona Hinman-Briscoe is our new Business Development Manager.  Mona started with the team this week. She’s simply delightful, and I’m beyond confident you’re going to enjoy working with her too. She and Katie are teaming up for a smooth transition, so you will be well cared for through the process.    

A BIG THANK YOU to you, Katie, for your dedication, thoughtfulness and amazing talents; it’s been an honor and joy to work side by side with you!  

I invite you to celebrate Katie and Mona with me!  Please share your words of encouragement, thanks and gratitude to each of them as they close one season and begin anew.  You can send your messages to  

Believe it can be!


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