Take 5 Minutes (Or Less!) For Your Health Today!

Take 5 Minutes (Or Less!) For Your Health Today!

Picture this…You’re on a mission, glued to the computer screen and determined to get your project completed by your 3:00 deadline. The problem is your brain is on overload, your back is aching from sitting so long, and your stomach is rumbling because you forgot to eat lunch. Before you know it, it’s 5:00 and you rush home to pick up kids, make dinner, and get everyone off to bed. By the time you find yourself hitting the pillow (much later than planned!) you realize that the day has come and gone without taking a moment to pause and be present in the day.

Taking a moment of stillness to be mindful and find joy in the midst of a busy day can take less than 2 minutes. But the health benefits of setting aside time – even less than 5 minutes – will far outweigh the risk you may be taking by walking away from your computer. You’ll feel energized, renewed, refreshed and ready to tackle the projects and responsibilities that still await your attention.

Here’s are a few ideas to get you started!

• Make yourself a cup of hot green tea
• Refill your water bottle and drink half of it
• Smell the flowers
• Read a quick article from your favorite magazine
• Sit in the sun and close your eyes; take a few deep breaths
• Call a friend just to say hello
• Savor a piece of rich dark chocolate
• Go for a walk (even if it’s to your mailbox!) and breathe in the fresh air
• Stretch your legs
• Enjoy a delicious piece of fruit

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