Three Great Foods For Boosting Your Immunity!

Three Great Foods For Boosting Your Immunity!

Even as the main cold and flu season comes to an end, it’s important to be proactive in adding foods to our plate that will help us continue to beat nasty germs. Fight off sickness with these top foods for boosting your health!

1. Spinach: It has a lighter, sweeter leaf than some of its leafy counterparts. The health of our gut is important for overall health in our body and spinach contains a key ingredient that protects our digestive track and minimizes inflammation.

Bonus: it also has Vitamin C to help keep us healthy through cold and flu season!

2. Broccoli: This little green machine helps us detoxify, provides incredible antioxidant properties, helps fight disease, and reduces chronic inflammation in the body.

Pro-Tip: Only wash and cut broccoli when you’re ready to eat; vitamin C content is lowered when broccoli is cut and stored.

3. Kale: It contains both magnesium and calcium to support bone health and help the body with many other important processes. It offers excellent sources of vitamin C to protect cells and reduce oxidative stress, and it provides energy-producing vitamins and nutrients.

Fun Fact: Only 36 calories in one cup of kale! So enjoy it by adding to smoothies, making a beautiful kale salad for lunch, or munching on kale chips.

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