Take The Sugar Shift Challenge!

Take The Sugar Shift Challenge!

Addiction played a major role in my health crisis (if you’d like, you can watch a video and learn a bit more about my story here). The problem was that I never wanted to admit it.

I wasn’t addicted to alcohol or cigarettes. I was addicted to sugar.

My body knew it loved sugar and the cycle continued for a long period of time. I would try to cut sugar out of my diet and at one point, I finally did.  And crazy as it may sound, I had withdrawl symptoms just as any addict would. I felt like I had the flu, a horrible headache and was irritable with all those around me. Sugar addiction is just as serious as any other and unfortunately it’s difficult to kick because you can find sugar everywherein our food system!

It takes years for disease to set into the body. There is consistent research suggesting that sugar feeds disease and while we may not see or feel the longterm effects of sugar today, consuming excessive sugar can slowly feed disease in our bodies over time. Research indicates that Americans consume an average of 150 pounds of added sugar per year, with some studies even estimated upwards of 300 pounds of added sugar per year!  The good news is that as you slowly shift towards a colorful diet rich in whole foods, you’ll find that you can enjoy foods that are naturally sweet and will have less of a craving for processed sugar.

This week, set a goal of limiting your daily sugar intake to 25 grams or less.You’ll have to keep a close eye on your food labels, and you may find some unexpected sugar in foods that you didn’t realize contain added sugar. Keep a little piece of paper handy to jot down a quick note as you go through the day or simply create a note on your phone and mark down your sugar intake  – it doesn’t have to be fancy!

Don’t be discouraged if you initially find that you’re consuming more than the recommended 25 grams of sugar – for many people, this is a big shift! Be encouraged that simply by bringing awareness to your sugar intake for a week, you’ll become more mindful of how much sugar is in the food you’re consuming. You’ll quickly start to see what foods contain added sugar and can shift your diet towards other natural, nutrient-dense foods.

We want to hear from you! Click here to share on our Facebook page that you’ll be taking the challenge and tracking your sugar for one week. We’re here to cheer you on and support you as you take an important and eye-opening step in your health!

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