Four Lessons From Life On The Road

Four Lessons From Life On The Road

People will often say to me “it must be wonderful to travel everywhere for your job.” While I am so grateful for the work I am privileged enough to do, I believe the greatest blessing is the people I meet along the way and the lessons I learn as a result. In the past three weeks, my travels have taken me to Louisville, Lexington, Longview, Chicago and Cleveland. Below, I wanted to share a few quick snapshots of  life on the road.

James, my incredible A/V lead in Chicago, joined me each morning before my sessions to check to be sure all was well and then I’d share some wild orange essential oils with him to boost his energy for the day.  I appreciated this morning visit day after day because it offered connection.We all need to start the day with connection.

Have you ever met someone and felt like you’ve known them forever?  That was what it was like with Vicki and Jim. They hosted me in their home during my travels to Longview and I felt like I’d known them for ages; they exude love. Beautiful sunsets and views of their flower gardens brightened every bit of my being as we enjoyed conversation in the warm evening air.  It was paradise and such a gift to feel at home while miles away from my own.  Love goes a long way.

I had an incredible moment of life coming full circle when I checked in at the Courtyard Marriott in Cleveland only to have the General Manager, Nick, come out and say, “I thought I knew that voice!”  There’s a first for everything folks! Nick shared that he attended my session on how to be stress free just a week before at the General Manager’s conference in Chicago The world is a small place and we’re all connected. 

My flight back home from Cleveland was to arrive in time for me to join my family that night for dinner to celebrate a special occasion.  Because of a safety issue, the flight was delayed when six TSA agents and a police officer walked onto our plane and didn’t return until a few hours later.  Following this event, we learned that there was also a mechanical issue and as a result, I arrived home 6.5 hours later than planned. But in the midst of the delays, I met Curtis, a Southwest pilot who was trying to make his way home on our plane.  I learned a great deal about air travel and as a result have a deeper appreciation for the work these folks do taking me from place to place.  I was also very thankful that the airline did what was necessary to allow me to safely return home. There’s gratitude to be had in all circumstances.  

Sometimes it’s difficult to find the nourishment my body needs through whole foods or have the right pillow to rest my head on at night. Occasional delays will always be an inevitable part of travel and my days won’t always go as planned.  It’s part of the life and work I’ve chosen.  But I assure you, there will always be opportunity to share, connect, learn, grow and just plain ol’ love on one another.  Every moment becomes a memory and I have buckets and buckets of cool ones because of complete strangers, acquaintances and friends who fill a little place in my heart every time I’m on the road.

Whether you find yourself traveling across the world or are simply walking down the sidewalk in your own hometown,  here’s to connection, fulfillment and pure joy . . . it is available to each of us and starts with a simple hello.  
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