14 Food Swaps That Are Easy And Delicious!

14 Food Swaps That Are Easy And Delicious!

Creating allergy-friendly menus doesn’t have to mean purchasing ingredients you can’t pronounce or find at the local grocery store. It also doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice creating a meal that’s delicious and satisfying!

Dairy and Gluten are two of the most common food allergies, so in the graphic below, we’re sharing  some easy swaps you can make the next time you’re planning a meal with food sensitivities in mind. You may even find yourself incorporating these healthy foods into your menu even if you don’thave food allergies since they’re so delicious!

These food swaps are just a small preview of what we’re including in our FREE online guide that’s set to be released in the next two weeks! If you’re involved in planning events, this guide is for YOU! It’s called Three Ways To Upgrade Your Meeting (And Take Care Of Yourself Too!) You’ll discover:

• How to create an all-inclusive dining experience for varying dietary restrictions
• Strategies for incorporating wellness into your event
• Six tips for helping YOU stay sane through it all!

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