The Secret To Realizing Your Big Aha!

The Secret To Realizing Your Big Aha!

One of my biggest aha’s happened in a one-on-one meeting a couple of years ago. I was scheduled to present our services to the Senior VP of Human Resources for a company that is consistently ranked in the top three of “Best Companies to Work For.” They’re a big organization, they lead in innovation, and their environment is fast-paced. I was excited to share our corporate wellness offerings and learn about how we could partner to support their team in health as they continued to excel in business.

I began by first sharing how we approach wellness. We come at it from a different perspective, one that addresses the foundational issues of disease and chronic illness. It’s just part of my being, and how I approach all facets of life after overcoming my health crisis. In the meeting, after explaining our approach to wellness, the SVP stopped me and said, “do you know how many questions you’ve just answered for us that we haven’t been able to answer for ourselves?!” I was taken aback. It was the first time I truly realized that the way we approach wellness was shifting perspective for others and filling a void that I didn’t know existed until then.  

Because I took the time to share the information that just seemed “normal” to me during that meeting, I was asked to guide the development of their global wellness program as their lead wellness consultant. It was one of our most exciting and rewarding projects to date.

Sometimes our processes, the information we teach, the way we approach life . . . it all feels “normal” and just a way of life to us. But it’s so much more than that. Challenge yourself today to share a simple little process, a creative thought, an activity that helps reduce your stress or an idea you have. You never know how it could positively impact others you care about at work and at home. The big aha’s often reside in the simplest of places and are just waiting to be realized. 

PS. In this week’s newsletter we’re starting a series on what we like to call “Mini Movements.” These are a great way to implement new strategies for health in your organization or for yourself! If you want to get the scoop on what a Mini Movement is and see how simple it is to use Mini Movements to create change, sign up to receive our weekly newsletter here!

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