Five Questions To Help You Stay Sane This Holiday Season!

Five Questions To Help You Stay Sane This Holiday Season!

The holiday are arriving! And although they are filled with so many wonderful things, if we aren’t careful, we’ll find ourselves falling victim to a chaotic schedule and not taking time to enjoy the season and be present.

Now is a great time to give some thought about how you would like to intentionally step into the holiday season. Here are five questions you can answer to help shape a holiday season that will be meaningful and fulfilling for you and your family.


One Word That Will Guide My Holiday Season: When the end of the year comes and you reflect on this holiday season, what is a word that you would like to describe how this season felt? Maybe you’re in a season of hardship, and this year, you hope that the holiday will bring feelings of rest or comfort. Perhaps you want this season to be full of gatherings and outings, so you might choose a word like “spirited.” Maybe your word is “calm” or “joyful.” Wherever you are this season, choose a word that will help guide the decisions you make about prioritizing activities, gifts, traditions, and how you’ll spend your energy.

A Tradition That I Wish To Continue: What is something that you’ve done in years past that you really love and want to make time for this season? Mark it on the calendar today! And along with putting a date on the calendar, if necessary, write down the action items needed in advance to make it happen so that you can properly plan for it.

Something That Is No Longer Serving Me:  Whether it’s an obligation that you feel pressured into, or a tradition that you’ve tried to continue each year, if there is something that is no longer bringing you and your family joy and increasing the goodness in your holiday season, it’s time to let it go. No guilt necessary. Let this go so that you can make room for the activities and traditions that you DO love.

One Way That I Can Give To Others:  The holiday season is a great time to think about giving, but don’t limit this to thinking about financial gifts. What are some ways that you could give to a family member or friend? Is there an organization that you can give a little time to? Maybe its serving food at a shelter for the homeless or maybe it’s a simple as a thoughtful gesture of a taking a friend out for a meal during the busy holiday time. Whatever way – big or small – that you choose to give, this practice will fill you up and spread joy.

One Way I Will Take Care Of Myself This Season: Often we are so focused on the desires of others and keeping up with our calendars that it’s easy for us to forget to take care of ourselves. Self care doesn’t have to look like an expensive spa treatment or a fancy night out. Self care is simply showing yourself an act of kindness – maybe that means giving yourself an hour to read a book, or enjoy a bath, or take time with a cup of coffee in the morning to find some stillness. Show yourself kindness and commit to taking care of yourself so you can best show up for others.

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