It’s Time To Celebrate! (Plus, a gift for you!)

It’s Time To Celebrate! (Plus, a gift for you!)

Health is not about perfection, it’s about progression.
~ Angela Gaffney
You’ll hear me often say that, health is about progression.  Achieving life-long health means making one high-quality decision after another; there’s no quick fix solution.   Sometimes the journey can feel long and challenging and other days, it may feel like a breeze.  One way to keep your momentum, regardless of challenges you face, is to keep a list of your celebrations!

Every step of the journey is filled with big and small celebrations.  Maybe just last night you made a new recipe you loved, or as a result of your efforts you’ve lost 3 pounds, or maybe tomorrow will be the first of many mornings you wake up feeling truly energized.  Keeping track of your celebrations provides you a track record to look back on and motivation to keep the momentum you’ve built.  One high-quality decision will be followed by another.  Days of healthy choices will turn into weeks, weeks into months and months in years of healthy living.  Take it one decision, one step at a time; be sure to celebrate along the way and thank those that have supported you.

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