Three Strategies To Achieve Health AND Succeed In Business!

Three Strategies To Achieve Health AND Succeed In Business!

I recently had the privilege of sitting down with Rob from the Wholesalers Masterminds podcast to discuss achieving and maintaining health while excelling in business. It doesn’t have to be difficult but it does require making deliberate choices to support your body. I hope you’ll find encouragement and enjoy listening to the full podcast!

In addition to the podcast, here are three simple strategies you can start TODAY to create health and happiness:

  1. Hydrate: Every single process in the body depends on water! Every cell, every organ, every process depends on your consumption of good ol’ water. I know this isn’t news to you, we hear about drinking water every day. The fact of the matter, though, is that most of us are walking around dehydrated, and if you’re traveling by air you’re at an even greater detriment. Here are a few simple ways to increase your water intake, feel more energetic and live well:
    • Drink 80 oz of water per day: 10 oz of water every hour in an eight-hour work day.
    • Carry your own stainless steel or glass water bottle and fill up 3-4 times a day during travel.
    • Sip on hot lemon water during the day to support your cellular health and flush the lymph system.
    • Spruce up the taste of your water by infusing with fresh fruits and vegetables.
    • Change things up, enjoy sparkling water with a twist of lemon or lime, or a flavored water option like LaCroix.
    • If you’re currently drinking high-sugar or caffeinated drinks to keep your energy up, swap one of these drinks for 16 oz of a water beverage for one week. In week two, add another swap and continue to do so until you’re consistently reaching optimal hydration.
  2. Nourish: Eating a rainbow of colorful plant-based foods means loading your body with rich phytonutrients that fight disease, boost the immune system, heal the body and create long-term health. We’ve very much been taught to count calories, log points and focus on the quantity of food we eat. While quantity should be a consideration, the quality of our food is of much greater importance. The quality of our food dictates the quality of our health. Make the investment in yourself! Enjoy these tips to get you started:
    • Plant-based foods include: leafy greens, vegetables, fruit, whole grains, beans, nuts and seeds. Eat a variety of these every day!
    • Challenge yourself to start each meal with color and build your entrée accordingly. Take your existing meals and add sautéed vegetables, create nourishing smoothies for breakfast, and build healthy salads and wraps for a hearty lunch.  You can visit for additional meal ideas.
    • Preparation is key: work together as a family to shop for and prep meals on the weekend. Nobody wants to spend an hour in the kitchen every night.  Make large pots of brown rice and quinoa, grill and roast veggies to be used in breakfast scrambles and salads and marinade meat ahead of time. The options are endless.
  3. Choose to Participate: Health doesn’t just happen, it takes consistent, conscious effort. Every choice we make at the table as well as in life impacts our health in a positive or negative way. Take a few moments to get quiet and reflect; how are you participating today?
    • Are you nourishing your body with high-quality food?
    • Do you hydrate consistently so your body has all it needs to function at its best?
    • Are you managing stress in your life or is it managing you?
    • Is movement a part of your daily activity?

It’s easy to fall into a routine, even if it’s one that might not serve you well. We get so caught up in the demands of the day that we often lose sight of caring for ourselves just as much as we do for our clients, family, and friends. It’s time to stop sacrificing and start achieving health as you excel in your career. I hope you’ll enjoy the podcast!

Listen To The Full Podcast Here!

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