What are YOUR Life Rules?

What are YOUR Life Rules?


We all know what to do to be healthy; eat well, sleep well, exercise regularly, stress less and laugh more.  For some reason though, we tend to fall short on these healthy habits and as a result we’re feeling exhausted and are not functioning at our best.  At what point do we stop and say, “I can feel better than this?”  And how do we stick with the healthy habits once we’ve make the commitment to do so?

Being diagnosed with a disease I was told would take my life is about as serious as a health crisis can get.  I was motivated to make a change and heal my body, but I also knew my past had included many fits and starts with healthy living.  This time would have to be different.  I would need to make a long-term commitment and stick with it!  And this is how the idea of “Life Rules” was born.

In order to do differently, I would create rules to support my end goal of healing my body and getting my life back.  Every day I would recite my life rules, as if I was already living life as a healthy person.  “I am a healthy and strong.”  “I live a life without judgement and find grace in all situations.”  “I fuel my body with nourishing food and drink.”  “I gift my body movement every day.”  The more and more I continued to recite these life rules I created for myself, the easier it was to make supportive choices to achieve my goal.  Eventually it became a way of life for me.  One decision built on the next.  Soon a few days of healthy choices turned into weeks.  Weeks into months, and months into years.

I’m now 11 years into this journey.  There have been struggles along the way, there have been times when I’ve veered off course, but at the end of it all, I’ve come back to my life rules.  I’m happy to say the past 11 years have been different from the first 35 because I’ve stuck with my healthy habits.  Day in and day out, reciting my life rules and taking it one decision at a time.  Now it’s your turn to do the same; know it’s possible and take your first step.

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