Smarten Up About Snacks!

Smarten Up About Snacks!

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We often associate food with reward or celebration.  Kids are rewarded with candy for good behavior, a family will eat out at a restaurant to celebrate a special event, and when you attend a social function you’re usually provided food and drink for the evening.  Our lives revolve around food.  The office environment usually follows suite with this trend.  Sweet rolls, doughnuts, candy bowls, candied popcorn, chocolates and more find their way to break rooms, cafeteria’s and meeting rooms.

Our bodies weren’t meant to be inundated with sugar or processed foods.  The average amount of processed sugar an American consumes per year is about 150 pounds!   This massive load of sugar happens because food is everywhere; the grocery store, gas station, drive-thru, pharmacy, your office and more.

When you consider the need for you to be alert, energetic and productive at work, sugar really doesn’t fit into the equation.  In order to have good energy all day long, you’ll need to start the day with a hearty breakfast, follow it up with a large lunch around noon and a light dinner two to three hours before slumber.  With each meal you’ll need to balance your intake of protein, carbohydrates and good fat.  Each of these food groups is essential for all-day energy and health.  Here are a few examples for each food category:

Protein:  Organic eggs, organic animal protein, non-GMO organic tofu, raw nuts & seeds, beans, organic yogurt.

Carbohydrates:  Vegetables, fruit, leafy greens, whole grains, beans, whole grain crackers or chips on occasion.

Fat:  Avocado, coconut oil, olive oil, nuts, seeds.  Hummus is a treat that contains good fat.

Snacks should also be a nice balance of protein, carbohydrates and fat.  If you bring an apple to work for a mid-morning snack be sure to eat a handful of nuts or seeds with it.  You’ll have all three food groups covered.

Listen to the needs of your body, provide it good fuel so it can meet the demands of your day, and give it ample rest each night.  Disease takes time to set into the body; and symptoms take time to present.  Be proactive with your health and start by removing the candy bowl and box of doughnuts!

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