Two Questions To Ask Yourself Today!

Two Questions To Ask Yourself Today!

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There are two necessary questions we must all ask ourselves in order to achieve lifelong health and happiness. Instead of dieting for a certain period of time, or exercising consistently for a month and then falling off track, you can begin creating life-long habits that will help you achieve your goals and live the life you desire just by asking yourself these questions:

•What Will This Provide Me?

•How Will This Serve Me?

These are simple questions that require honest, up front answers – no fluff allowed!  They may be used in all situations where you need to make a decision; anything from selecting a lunch entrée off the menu to deciding whether to accept the job promotion.  The questions allow you to pause and consider how your choice will impact your life in a positive or negative manner.
Let’s say, for example, that you’re invited to take a new position at work. It would be a promotion and provide you more income than you make today. The idea of this is wonderful, and you’ve been working hard to achieve this new role. However, with this new position comes increased travel, longer work hours and greater responsibility. If you pause and ask yourself these questions, you’ll have a better idea of what this means for you before making your decision.
What will this provide me to accept the promotion?  It will provide me more income, great experience, new challenges, recognition, and management experience. 

How will it serve me to be in this new role?  I’ll be away from home more which means I won’t be attending the kids events as often. I’ll have to structure my days to balance my exercise routine as I’ll be working longer hours. I’ll be able to put more money into the kids’ college funds and I’ll reach my income goals for this point in my life. I may have more stress in my life having to manage this new team. 
Asking yourself these questions doesn’t mean that the decisions will always be easy; there are pros and cons to every decision we make.  One of us may decide to take the promotion because the benefits far outweigh the risks and another person may make the decision to do the complete opposite. For each of us though, we’ll be able to make the right decision because it’s what aligned with each of our life and health goals. 
Even asking yourself these questions with something as simple as choosing your lunch entrée can pay off in the long run.  Your body is going to feel much better eating a big salad topped with wild caught salmon versus eating a bison burger and sweet potato fries. Once in a while though, it just feels fantastic to choose the burger! Because you’ve answered the questions ahead of time, you’ll be making a conscious decision to enjoy every juicy bite of the burger and not feel an ounce of guilt for the pleasure. The more you practice using these questions in your daily life the easier it will be for you to stay on track to achieve your health and life goals.  
Health doesn’t just happen; it takes consistent and conscious effort to achieve it and maintain it. Your choices in life will support and encourage you or cause you to veer off course. When you ask yourself these questions in all the decisions you make, you’ll enjoy that bison burger and then get right back to making healthy choices. Make great decisions for yourself 95% of the time and once in a while let loose and enjoy the burger; no guilt necessary.  

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