Simple Ways To Get Moving!

Simple Ways To Get Moving!

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While nutrition needs to be the number one focus when it comes to health and longevity, daily movement is also very important.  The key is to find activities you enjoy participating in, increase your heart rate, challenge your muscles and do it consistently.

Most of us sit at a desk a lot of our day, or travel extensively for work. Others of us have physical limitations due to illness or injury.  There’s no one fitness regimen that can suit all people; you must find what works for you and honors the needs of your body.

Here are some simple steps you can take to get moving TODAY!
• Commit to movement every day:  A body in motion stays in motion. Be sure to have days of rest built into your schedule too.  Taking a light walk on a rest day will help you accomplish your daily movement.
•Sit down and schedule your activities for the week.
• Select activities that challenge you but are still supportive of the needs of your body. For example, if you have arthritis in your knees, you would want to select an activity such as swimming; it’ll challenge you while supporting your joints.  Hard pounding exercise can be replaced with biking, swimming, walking, yoga, and more.•Change things up. Take part in various activities to ensure you’re using all muscle groups and getting a combination of cardiovascular exercise as well as strength-building exercise.

•Look at your surroundings and find ways to get bits of exercise into the workday to increase your fitness level.
*Climb stairs
*Go for a brisk walk during your 15 min break
     *Work at a standing desk
*Sit on an exercise ball
• Do pushups, sit ups, plank, high knees, wall sits or tricep dips in your office. Even just a few sets throughout the day will mean that you have a good amount of movement already accomplished before you leave the office.
•Track you progress, make changes when necessary and keep on moving!
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