Looking For The Perfect Holiday Gift?

Looking For The Perfect Holiday Gift?

30561120_lAt this time of year, we all find ourselves looking for the perfect gift for the ones that we love. This act of kindness of purchasing the perfect gift, all be it heart-felt, can be stressful and sometimes breed disappointment.  But why and how could there be disappointment and grief attached to such a beautiful gesture?

The answer is one word: Expectations. The holiday season brings with it many expectations – purchasing the perfect gift, decorating just so, cooking up a grand meal, making sure everyone is happy during a family gathering, baking hundreds of cookies, attending social events, staying on track with healthy eating and exercise, prepping the guest room for incoming visitors, and making sure your elf on the shelf has a happy guest house for the month of December!  Whew!!

Have you ever considered how you serve your own expectations, as well as the expectations of others through the holidays?  You may realize that there’s some room for peace and fulfillment once you take inventory and change things up a bit.

Recently, a client shared that the holidays can be very difficult because they’ve experienced loss this time of year.  Her husband seems to disconnect and feels sad during the holiday season and she doesn’t know what to do.  This is the truth for many families and the holiday season can be a difficult time of year for various reasons.  It is our expectation that everyone will be happy and full of cheer but it is not always the case.  The greatest gift you could provide someone is to offer them unconditional love: provide hugs, give space when needed, be patient and kind, communicate, tell them you love them and want them to be happy and that you’ll respectfully give them the space they need.  You may even find a beautiful way to celebrate the memory of your loved one through the holiday season.

Happiness is something that resides in each of us and in our own special way we find it and exude it in this life. As a result others experience it too.  While we cannot control the emotions/actions of others, we can be in control of our own choices.  Find gratitude in all things and happiness will find you.

The perfect gift is just being YOU: kind, compassionate, loving, insightful, strong, cheerful, present, full of joy, and peaceful YOU is exactly enough.  Do you come “entirely without any flaws, defects, or shortcomings” (ie: are you perfect?!) That would make the world a boring place if it were true and life must give us something to work on from time to time.  But when you come from a place of wholeness, truth, love and compassion you’ll be sharing your gifts in the most perfect way imaginable.  It will feel good, it will allow others to own their personal journey and set you free to enjoy yours.

I wish you joy and peace this holiday season; release expectations while caring for yourself and your family in the healthiest, most loving manner possible.

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