Healthy things to do in 15 minutes or less

Healthy things to do in 15 minutes or less

Life TalkPicture this…You’re on a mission, glued to the computer screen and determined to get your project completed by your 3:00 deadline. The problem is your brain is in overload, your back is aching from sitting so long, and your stomach is rumbling because you forgot to eat lunch. NOW is the time to get up from the computer and take 15 minutes just for you! The health benefits will far outweigh the risk you may be taking by walking away from your computer; you’ll feel energized, renewed, refreshed and ready to tackle the project that still awaits your attention.

Ideally, we should step away for multiple short breaks throughout the day. Be proactive about it and you’ll consistently feel more positive energy and calm in your day.

Here’s a list of healthy things you can do to fill the 15 minute break:

  1. Step outside for a 15-minute brisk walk (you’ll walk 2,000 steps!)
  2. Hit the stairwell for a good climb
  3. Make yourself a cup of hot green tea
  4. Complete a circuit (or two) of push-ups, sit-ups, tricep dips, and jumping jacks
  5. Find some fresh air and give a friend a call
  6. In need of a laugh? Pull up some clips of your favorite comedian on YouTube
  7. Enjoy a light snack of homemade trail mix
  8. Refill your water bottle and drink half of it
  9. Stretch your muscles
  10. Take deep breaths and release all the tension you feel with each out breath
  11. Sit in the sun, close your eyes, listen to nature and be present
  12. Smell the flowers
  13. Read a quick article from your favorite magazine
  14. Write down 10 things you’re grateful for today
  15. Savor a piece of rich, dark chocolate and tell yourself that all is well; in the end it’ll all get done

We have a choice in every matter. Choose to step away from the desk, choose to enjoy a quiet moment to yourself every evening and choose to live in a healthy, vibrant way. Your body and mind will love you for it!

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  • cindy Perloff
    Posted at 03:03h, 18 September

    Thank you for these awesome reminders, Angela! YOU make the world a lighter and brighter place!
    With infinite love and gratitude.