Coaching is always an option if you find yourself wanting additional support to the online coursework.  It’s an opportunity to address key health challenges, dive into personal needs and receive additional tips and strategies to support you in health.  Clients have used their coaching experience to explore food allergies, address specific challenges such as pain, fatigue and sleeplessness and to find ways to support healing in the midst of a health crisis.

With any coaching experience you will receive care that will inspire, teach, guide and hold you accountable to achieve your goals.  There are no pills, there is no quick fix, and it’s necessary that you do a lot of work for yourself.  For this is the only way that life-long change takes place.

Angela knows what it means to work hard to achieve health and happiness.  She will be your guide and greatest supporter, and she’ll tell you when you need to up your game.  Here’s who could benefit from a coaching relationship:

  • Individuals who are experiencing fatigue, pain, brain fog or excess weight
  • Individuals who could use help with managing stress or constant worry in their lives
  • Busy executives who travel and could use support while eating on the road
  • Individuals looking for way to enhance their health and quality of life
  • Parents in need of increased energy, healthy meal ideas and balanced living

There are multiple coaching options to support you in your health journey. Whether you need a quick tune-up or an intensive program to accompany the online coursework, we’ve got you covered.

The Kickstart

Schedule to meet with Angela for two 90-minute coaching sessions.  This coaching experience will provide an opportunity to explore a specific challenge, discuss your progress with the online coursework and receive additional strategies to support you in health.

The Kickstart includes:
  • Two 90-minute coaching sessions

The Foundation Five

Schedule to meet with Angela for five 90-minute coaching sessions. This coaching experience will be used in conjunction with your online coursework or as a follow up to receive continued support in your journey.  We’ll address your health challenges, discuss your progress and provide additional strategies to support you in health.

The Foundation Five includes:
  • One membership to the Feel Good, Look Good Master Class
  • Five 90-minute coaching sessions

The Intensive

90-day Intensive Coaching Engagement.  This coaching experience is for individuals who are ready to roll up their sleeves, do intensive work and regain their health.  Clients in this program have rid their body of pain, eliminated brain fog, regained energy, and simply feel better.  Healing is possible when you have the right tools; we’re here to support you every step of the way.

The Intensive includes:
  • Six 90-minute coaching sessions
    • These may be broken into twelve 45-minute coaching sessions if you prefer
  • Twelve 15-minute check-in calls to be used once per week
  • One membership to the Feel Good, Look Good Master Class
  • Email/Text/Phone support in between coaching sessions
  • One copy of Feel Good, Look Good, For Life
  • One copy of the Feel Good, Look Good, For Life Journal
  • Follow up notes from each coaching session