Why Choose Angela?

Angela combines her corporate executive experience, personal health journey and wellness expertise to offer a fresh perspective on health and make sense of a very saturated marketplace.

Angela is here to make your life easy and the client happy! We are here to SERVE. No drama. No big requests. Planners consistently comment they wish everyone was this easy to work with. Bottom line, we’re here to be a valuable resource to you and your client.

Participants love Angela’s keynotes and workshops! Angela consistently receives high ratings because of her genuine approach, fresh perspective, and simple, effective strategies.

Angela customizes all speaker programs and takes the following steps to ensure a high-value experience:

  • Organize a preprogram call to discuss the goals and theme of the event.
  • Conduct in-depth interviews and research to best understand the needs and lifestyle of the audience.
  • Create a genuine connection from the stage.
  • Offer a new perspective on wellness that addresses the key concerns and challenges of the audience.
  • Help participants build awareness, make high quality choices in every area of life and set new standards for themselves.


Angela travels from Denver International Airport and will arrive the day before your event.
Angela appreciates a sound check the night before or morning of the event.
Angela brings her own microphone and remote and appreciates a backup.
Angela will provide a thumb drive to the A/V team for slides or can use her computer.
Angela’s presentation includes audio; please advise if this is not available.
Angela is happy to meet attendees, attend a VIP dinner, and connect with sponsors.
Angela brings product to every event and requests a table for display and sales.
If requested, Angela can provide an experiential breakfast, lunch or dinner as part of the event.